Why Chinese companies should use microblogging


China is special country. It is also one of the oldest countries that have a lot of heritage and unique culture. We all know that this country is like a King in manufacture and economy. Besides, its specialties of copying ideas, but this country should be respected as they have an independent market and economy structure that no other countries have. Indeed, Europe countries have good ideas and implementation of technology and economy but China’s spread has been phenomenal and great. We all know that China has protected their people from worldwide social media or mainstream media on the internet. They think that using mainstream social media can harm their dependence of the country. That is why they made their social media and micro-blogging based social media. Chinese people that want to access social media like Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, need to use VPN to ensure that they can access mainstream social media. The band moves from Chinese Government allows and forces Chinese companies to support their microblogging media. The fact tells the difference. However, Twitter claimed that there are at least 10 millions of Chinese users that use Twitter. That thing makes Chinese companies think twice to be free from mainstream microblogging social media. If it sounds weird and leaving high curiosity, here are ways on how Chinese companies use microblogging.

Though it is banned Twitter appeals them

We all know that mainstream microblogging has been blocked in China and that thing is the common thing happened in the business world. We also know that Chinese companies have limited access to reach global marketing when the mainstream media is blocked in China. That is why Twitter works harder to appeal Chinese companies to reach a global market. However, it is not China when it is not giving ease to Chinese marketers to get their best way in reaching their best performance. China has their microblogging social media, and it’s been phenomenal and famous. It is called Baidu, Sina Weibo and more. Chinese companies still have their power to keep their people in their ways in social media. Even, they claim that there are outside Chinese people have registered in their microblogging sites. However, it is not enough to make a good move for global reach advertisement.

Some of the Chinese companies get exposure in mainstream social media

It is not a strange thing to hear that some of the Chinese companies use mainstream media to get the global appeal and reach. One of the best ways to keep it big is when they have been spreading their branches to other countries, and then they have made a good move in social media that is banned by the Chinese government. Chinese culture believes that they can make their power and when it has been big, it will come special attraction that makes other countries come and then have a good deal with them. The way to get more exposures is when they offer their business to other countries and then can use mainstream social media to get global reach through advertising like Twitter, Facebook, and more.

Colors in China: What do they mean?

China is one of the world’s largest countries with one of the world’s oldest and deepest culture. Their ethnicity even has been spread among countries in the world through what is known as the Chinese diaspora. They are in Europe, America and even in Africa. Besides, it has strong power on the economy; it also has a big influence on cultures, especially in South East Asia, Japan and Korea. They share spiritual beliefs, architecture and culinary knowledge along with other traditional customs that often go beyond the strict limits of the Chinese territory. One of the most powerful example might be the Lunar New Year, sometimes named the Chinese New Year which is celebrated is many Asian countries including Vietnam, the Philippines and South Korea. In their calendar, the Chinese have symbolized each year with an animal; 2017 being the Year of the Rooster. In Chinese cosmology, things are often linked to symbolic elements that have unique characteristics. In today’s post, we will see how colors are used in China’s symbolism and what are their meanings.

The colors allow the Chinese to describe the world around them. Each color has a particular meaning that might be different from one culture to another. In China, there are five “traditional” colors (五 颜, wǔ yán), arranged according to a specific order, which is directly related to the philosophy of the five elements. Some colors in Chinese are considered inauspicious, others are auspicious. They usually consider color as emotion or color in the face, but now color in Chinese can mean many things. To make sure that you understand, here are the little explanations of each color in Chinese culture.

The Five elements

There is a popular theory about color in China. China’s emperor has a theory of the five elements to select a color. The color green stands for wood, red  stands for fire, yellow for earth, white for metal and black for water.


The Chinese character for “Black”

Black represents water. In China, as elsewhere in the world, black 黑 symbolizes something serious, very formal. It was the color wore by the imperial dignitaries,  much like the outfits of our lawyers back in the West. Black also expresses the secret in Chinese, something that is happening in the shadow. This is why the mafia is translated as “black society” (黑社会, hēi shèhuì), dirty money by black money (黑钱 hēiqián) and clandestine workers by black workers (黑 工 hēigōng). Black is also considered as a neutral color. Thus, in modern China, people usually wear black clothes in their daily life and white is usually for funerals.


Red symbolized luck and happiness

The second color is red. It represents fire. Chinese people usually believe that red can be a sign of joy and fortune. It has been common color in Chinese New Year and other official or traditional holidays. That is why many older people or people that have been married usually give red envelope as red is a sign of good luck. Red in Chinese culture is not usual for an event like a funeral because it  represents happiness. Thus, it can be pretty offensive to wear red clothes to the funeral ceremony.


“Wearing a green hat” means “being cuckolded” in Chinese

In China, green color usually carries a negative meaning. The Chinese think that someone who does not feel good has a green face. “Having a green face” also means to be angry. Another popular meaning is to cheat on someone. “Wearing a green cap” means being unfaithful to your husband. Generally this term is used for a woman who had a relationship with another man and therefore dishonored her husband.


People wearing white shirts at a funeral in China

The fourth color is white. It strongly symbolized the purity and brightness of the metal. It is the official color of clothes in a funeral ceremony. The Chinese are also obsessed with the white skin, as it is usually related to your position in the society.


A Chinese emperor wearing yellow clothes

The last color is yellow as a symbol of earth. This color, very important in Chinese symbolism, represents glory, wisdom, harmony, happiness, culture. Yellow is reserved for the Emperor, it is the color of royalty.Later, it took very different meaning as yellow is also the color of sex and pornography.

How Does Chinese Lunar New Year Work

Chinese New Year Dragon

Asia always gives something wonderful to do, and it’s always been a thing that everyone that lives outside Asia is attracted to the culture and the country. Some of them also travel around Asia countries, and some of them even live with the visa tourist so they can stay longer than a holiday. Even, there are many Asia countries that have been a worldwide attraction; there is still China that can be considered as one of the biggest and most attractive Asian countries in this world. China is one of the oldest countries in this civilization. To get closer to the country you have been dreaming of to visit is to know the culture.

If you are interested in Chinese culture, the very first and primary day for the recommended day is in Chinese New Year because there will be many cultural events that can be a huge attraction that you cannot forget. Chinese New Year usually happens during late January or late February. The most interesting thing in this Chinese New Year is that there are more than 20 percents of the population of the world celebrate Chinese New Year with fireworks, feast, and festivities. This new year is one of the biggest day celebrated by Chinese people in China and other Asian countries. Some of you may be curious about how it works. How Chinese New Year works can be long to explain but we have a short explanation about that as it is one of the richest holidays in this world, so it can be so interesting to talk about Chinese Lunar New year.

The red lanterns and dragon are traditional symbols of the Chinese Lunar New Year

How it works

There are many ways to celebrate Chinese New Year. As there are many religions believed by Chinese people, the way to celebrate is different too. In the West, this new year is usually celebrated only in one day, but there are still people that celebrate this new year for two weeks. It has a strong connection with Taoist, Buddhist, and other religious practices in many western holidays. As there are many different ways to celebrate, some people celebrate based on their religion and belief. Some of them celebrate by giving honor to ancestors, and some of them also only watch the traditional show on television. The main thing that should be in Chinese Lunar New Year is to enjoy and have joyous days during the celebration. It is to cultivate good luck and better prosperity for next year.

For your information, this Lunar New Year is originated from China in the 14th century and strongly connected with the Chinese agricultural calendar or cycle. The early spring is the right time for farmers to prepare planting stuff and the last day was used for the landlord to collect the money for rent and by the day to pay the rent money, peasants celebrate it. Then, in 1912 it had been official to make the day as a celebration for Lunar New Year with joyous days and better hope for next year. Now, it has been the biggest celebration day for those Chinese people or people that still have Chinese heritage in their blood.