Public relations

Illuminant Partners offers comprehensive Public Relations services, which are a major lever in any communication strategy in China.

We will help you fond the right tone and the most suitable direction for your communication campaigns through all types of media. We will ensure your product, your company or your brand will have a proper media coverage using our network of Chinese newspapers, online magazines, local bloggers and Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) .

Public Relations are particularly necessary if you want to develop your reputation and increase your brand awareness in China.

The effectiveness of Press Relations can be assessed quantitatively, by tracking media and qualitatively, by analyzing how consumers and industry players respond to one product or one advertising campaign.

Media training

We also offer tailored media training for companies thinking long-term and willing to have a sustainable presence in China. Keep in mind that China media environment is something very specific, almost unique, as every piece of content has to follow very strict governmental guidelines.

Branding and Corporate identity

Branding is a marketing term for brand development in order to promote and sell products.

A successful Branding strategy opens up a way of thinking and managing brands that move beyond the typical brand management. Branding strategy emphasizes the brand’s legacy and history and how they create associations, meaning and value. The Branding focuses on how the stories of brands influence the community.

China has a long history and a very complex culture that anyone seeking to do business with should be aware of and should be able to adapt to.

The Chinese have their own codes and standards that it is crucial to know and understand before trying to sell anything to them. Forget everything you know about Western standards if you want to attract Chinese consumers. In our research, we use a Chinese perspective to examine the Chinese brand culture capacity to serve as a complement to existing models of global brand. We examine conceptual and strategic relationships between brands and culture and reflect the concerns of foreign companies interested in developing their business in China.