Market intelligence

Before selling products in China, nothing is more common than to gather as much information on the market, competition, Chinese consumer expectations, supply channels, etc.

The market study is a compulsory work before setting up any business anywhere but it is even more true when you are looking to enter an unknown and atypical market like China. This first step will allow decision-makers to have a clear idea of ​​the market and to have an overview of trends and competition in one specific industry.

What kind of market research for China?

    • Documentary research: draw general trends using newspaper articles, any kind of internet sources, governmental data, etc.
    • Quantitative studies: more difficult to establish in China due to geographical diversity and population size, they aim to give a sample, a trend of what people think, like or prefer in a certain geographic area and at a certain time. Quantitative market studies such as the survey use a panel which purpose is to measure and quantify a market.
    • Qualitative studies: this helps to identify trends, gather information on the market, collect testimonials from experts or Chinese “typical” consumers that can be used in a qualitative way. They always come with a documentary research compiling and analyzing  existing sources.

Marketing and communications collateral

We can help you conceptualize any kind of print, brochure, leaflet and make them consistent with your brand image. With our local market knowledge, we will help you refresh and adapt your designs to local standards.

Digital marketing and communications

Our IT team is composed of skilled web developers, web  designers and digital marketers. We can make your website from scratch and help you promoting it through global or local internet. Our community manager specialist will ensure your brand, product or content has a great exposure on the Chinese and global social media.

Event design and management

Events are a great way to get in touch with your customers as well as other industry players. They give you the real feel of what is happening in your business. We have been helping companies in the organization of a broad range of events, from travel to automotive along with food and beverage. We can ease the all management process using our contacts on site, from simple services like transport or catering to the entire design of your event.