How Does Chinese Lunar New Year Work

Asia always gives something wonderful to do, and it’s always been a thing that everyone that lives outside Asia is attracted to the culture and the country. Some of them also travel around Asia countries, and some of them even live with the visa tourist so they can stay longer than a holiday. Even, there are many Asia countries that have been a worldwide attraction; there is still China that can be considered as one of the biggest and most attractive Asian countries in this world. China is one of the oldest countries in this civilization. To get closer to the country you have been dreaming of to visit is to know the culture.

If you are interested in Chinese culture, the very first and primary day for the recommended day is in Chinese New Year because there will be many cultural events that can be a huge attraction that you cannot forget. Chinese New Year usually happens during late January or late February. The most interesting thing in this Chinese New Year is that there are more than 20 percents of the population of the world celebrate Chinese New Year with fireworks, feast, and festivities. This new year is one of the biggest day celebrated by Chinese people in China and other Asian countries. Some of you may be curious about how it works. How Chinese New Year works can be long to explain but we have a short explanation about that as it is one of the richest holidays in this world, so it can be so interesting to talk about Chinese Lunar New year.

The red lanterns and dragon are traditional symbols of the Chinese Lunar New Year

How it works

There are many ways to celebrate Chinese New Year. As there are many religions believed by Chinese people, the way to celebrate is different too. In the West, this new year is usually celebrated only in one day, but there are still people that celebrate this new year for two weeks. It has a strong connection with Taoist, Buddhist, and other religious practices in many western holidays. As there are many different ways to celebrate, some people celebrate based on their religion and belief. Some of them celebrate by giving honor to ancestors, and some of them also only watch the traditional show on television. The main thing that should be in Chinese Lunar New Year is to enjoy and have joyous days during the celebration. It is to cultivate good luck and better prosperity for next year.

For your information, this Lunar New Year is originated from China in the 14th century and strongly connected with the Chinese agricultural calendar or cycle. The early spring is the right time for farmers to prepare planting stuff and the last day was used for the landlord to collect the money for rent and by the day to pay the rent money, peasants celebrate it. Then, in 1912 it had been official to make the day as a celebration for Lunar New Year with joyous days and better hope for next year. Now, it has been the biggest celebration day for those Chinese people or people that still have Chinese heritage in their blood.