How can we get around censorship in China?

China has adopted several filtering methods such as the Great Firewall, blocking IP addresses, and manipulating DNS addresses, to name a few. This advanced censorship systems are made to obstruct or control the different types of Internet access. It is also noticeable at the national level where access to certain content is blocked for the entire population, which creates a slowdown in some Chinese sites. 

Bypassing censorship in China 

To circumvent the various censures imposed, there are methods of circumvention developed by companies or third parties. These allow individuals and certain companies to fight against censorship measures and especially against Internet surveillance. The most well-known and effective method is the VPN (Virtual Private Network). 

Using a VPN to bypass censorship in China 

Despite the many restrictions of the Chinese government, there are still some suppliers who offer VPNs to avoid censorship. The VPN generally consists of sending blocked content to an intermediate machine, most often outside the source country, and forwarding this request to the source machine. Now, one of the most critical tasks is to find the best VPN to allow you to access the site you want while protecting your data. 

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How to get one? 

If you want to go to China, it would be best to buy a VPN before going there because VPNs are banned there, and it is, therefore, difficult to get one. Also, in case you are already in China, some hostels offer access to a VPN when you connect to Wi-Fi. 

How does a VPN work? 

Once downloaded, open the VPN, select the server in the country you want, and then connect. The VPN connects the navigation device to a server abroad. That causes your IP address to change, making it appear that the traffic from your device comes from the chosen country. You will then be able to use all approved sites and applications in that country. The use of a VPN has many advantages both in China, where it is necessary and in any other country. 

Bypassing censorship with online bypass systems 

Another way to avoid the various censures imposed is to use an online bypass system. It is a set of web pages that presents a form to the user and forwards the requested content to the user whether or not it is blocked. This retransmission technology is possible by rewriting the links of censored addresses. The user does not need in this case any software or to modify his different internet configurations. 

In short, you must have a VPN or use an online bypass system when going to China if you do not want to take the risk of being completely disconnected from the rest of the world. Then, when you decide to use the VPN, your choice should be the one that is stable and effective to protect your personal information.