Overview of the Chinese Holidays

Have you ever wondered that there are many holidays in China? Seeing how big this country makes you attracted to the culture of China and that has been the common effect when you realize that you are not alone. There are many foreigners especially western people that come to China, and Chinese government claimed that there is always increasing the number of foreign tourists that come to China. It’s not something strange because China has its unique culture and it has been the older heritage that Chinese people could not leave. Chinese people are popular to keep their heritage for years, and we have known that it could be something powerful that make other people attracted to Chinese culture. If you are interested in China, then you have to learn many things about their culture including right day to get more Chinese festival to watch so you don’t miss any single thing that could make you have unforgettable moments in China. One of the most righteous days when you are going to visit China is to come to there in their traditional holidays because you will get much more about their culture. It usually comes from traditional Chinese holidays that come from a part of harvesting days. There are many essential Chinese holidays. Chinese New Year has been an essential holiday because it is celebrated by many populations in the world including Korea, East Asian and much more that have Chinese people in the countries. To ensure that you will not be wrong to take holidays, here is Chinese holiday overview you should know.

The first essential holiday in China is Lunar New Year as it has been the biggest celebration among Chinese people all over the world. We have known that it has been common in countries where there are Chinese people live there like East Asian countries and more. There are also sequences of the holidays in Lunar New Year like you can set the fireworks and visiting family members on the first day of Chinese New Year at the beginning of January or February (In worldwide calendar) depending on the days counted and decided by Chinese calendar. Another holiday is the 15th day of January of Lunar Calendar. You will see Lantern Festival where you can see lion dance as it can be the symbol of celebrating the first full moon in China and you also can eat Tang Yuan.

The 15th of Lunar January also becomes the last day of New Year celebration. In Lunar Calendar, the second day of February will be the Zhonghe festival where you can eat many kinds of Chinese pancakes and noodles at that time. The next holiday is 3rd day of March where Shangsi Festival is held as the women’s day in Chinese culture. Next holiday is on the 5th day of May when you can celebrate Duanwu Festival by eating more dumplings, joining Dragon Boat race and more. There are still more Traditional Chinese holidays you should see when you are going to visit China on their special days.