Gifts in China: what to offer and what to avoid

Do you have the plan to give gifts to your Chinese friends? Or do you just want to share ideas with your friends? Having a relationship with Chinese people may have left a unique impression and makes you feel curious and feel interested in improving your sensitivity toward your Chinese fellows. Indeed, there are many Chinese people in many countries in this world. The Even recent update said that there is at least 20% population of the world celebrated Lunar New Year. That thing is the fact that tells people about how Chinese can be one of the biggest race in the world. However, that makes other people curious about the culture of China and how other people appreciate and learn to get involved in that culture. One of the most popular cultures that you can approach is giving a gift. In Chinese culture, there are many unique things you can learn including colors, days, clothes and more. When you have come to choose which best gift you can give to your Chinese fellows or partners, you have to know what to avoid and offer when it has come to gift. Once you randomly choose the gift, you will get in trouble, and even you will end up your relationship with a mess. To ensure that you do it right, here are things you should see when it has come to stuff like present and gift.

Things to avoid

  • Clocks, when you are talking about the gift in Chinese culture, you have to see that clock is not a good idea for a Chinese gift because, in Chinese culture, clock as a present is a taboo thing that it can be the sign or identical stuff in the funeral ceremony. That is why it is important to ensure that you will not pick any clock as a gift for your Chinese fellows.
  • Pears, fruit as a gift is a good idea but when you choose pears for your Chinese partner, you have to think twice because pears in Chinese culture are a symbol of separation. It’ll be trouble when you decided to give pears.
  • Umbrella is another bad choice for a gift because it is also a symbol of separation. If you decide to choose umbrella as a gift, you may hope that your relationship need to be ended.

Things to offer

  • Wine is a good thing to offer when it has come to gift stuff. It will be practical and nice gestures if you give grape wines as is one of the good symbols or gestures to wish the receiver a better health.
  • The health supplement is also the best choice for a gift because many Chinese people appreciate heritage about health product especially if you bring to them from your home country. That will be more special for old Chinese people receiving a gift like that.
  • Home specialties, giving what makes your countries or regionals special like a miniature of a landmark or just products that are popular and old from your hometown can be a symbol or high appreciation to the relationship between you and Chinese people.